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5 Steps Towards Your Full Potential

1. Your goals should be yours alone

When setting goals make sure they are yours and yours alone. Don't let anyone or society force its goals upon yourself. Also don't let your expectations of others influence how or why you have certain goals. You can only succeed if you truly feel your goals are made and created by you, envisioned and acted out by you. Be authentic when creating them and be proud of them. There are also many books that can help you arrange your thoughts on how and why you are choosing or should be choosing certain goals. Here are 4 great books to help you reach your goals.  

2. Know why you haven chosen these goals

After you have set yourself goals, it important to reflect and understand why you have chosen these goals. When on your path towards your goals, people will ask you many times why you chose certain goals and how you believe you will achieve them. By reflecting upon them, you will have an answer to others and yourself. Most important is that you are on board with whatever it entails to achieve these goals. And remember goals can seem extremely big and difficult to make bite-size, but you need to seek ways in which to make them digestible. For example to goal of having a healthier lifestyle, becomes comprehensible with the smaller goal of stop taking sugar in your tea and coffee within 10 days. Read these books for more tips and tricks on habits and how to create and break them. And know things don't happen at once. They take time and hard work.  

3. Stay true to yourself

Always stay true to yourself. If something doesn't feel right, or just doesn't seem something you would do, then don’t. It is important that you know who you are, what decisions you would make and why and that is only possible by being your true self. Re-organizing your life can help you find the things you value around you. By being reminded of what you value, it can open your eyes towards who you are, making sure you stay true to yourself. 

4. Ask and accept help

It is very important to know what you are able to do on your own and what not. Ask around to see if anybody can help you and if people offer accept it. By doing this you can help yourself by learning from others, from expanding your point of view and by learning how to collaborate successfully.


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5. Reflect, reflect, reflect

Along the way towards your goals, you will become more experienced, have learned from others and maybe see a change in your short or long term goals for yourself. It is important to reflect on your goals. Are they still what you are trying to achieve or are they the means to achieve something else. By reflecting on your goals regularly you will be able to grow your goals as you grow yourself.

So the goal is...

It is important to have goals grow with you, to stay authentic, to ask and accept help to fulfill them and to reflect upon them.

What are your goals? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as we are just as much inspired by you as you are by Eve & Elle.

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