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Why a detoxed organized life makes you all-out happy

You are busy… and happy. But first and foremost busy. Very busy.

Want to be happier and get more energy, with very little extra effort on your part? Try these 7 simple life-hacks to get you there now.

#1 Detox from your phone

At the beginning of the new year, everyone is just starting up again after the holidays. It’s an excellent time for a detox.

The benefits are that it:

  • gives you a feeling of freedom
  • helps you focus on what is important
  • refreshes your mind in a cathartic way

Coincidentally in my life, this happend for the first week and a half of this year. On the way back in the train from another fun night out of wining and dining with girldfriends, I had a forced phone detox when my motherboard crashed on my phone. Anyone who knows me, knows that, probably much like yourself, I live on my phone. Because I e-mail, call, app, draw and check different stats and updates for work.

Surprisingly, the phone detox was very relaxing. It forced me to be creative in connecting with people and proritize what I really need and want to do with my day.

Another benefit is that I don’t have the influx of social media distractions (and clutter).

#2 Get Minimal

Mary Kondo has inspired a revolution of organization and clean up, but one of the best parts of her KondoMari technique is her advice on minimalizing your stuff:

“Take each item in your hand if you can, and look at it. If the item ‘Sparks joy!’ then you keep it and put ita way tidily. I fit does not, then you get rid of it, either by donating it, selling it or recycling.

The benefits in a row are:

  • more space
  • lighter feeling
  • you appreciate and use what you have more

#3 Learn something new

Instead of gaining things, gain knowledge. Learn something new – something you want to learn, maybe even a little out of your comfort zone. Take a course, do a workshop, or read a book on How-to. This is a satisfying way to get something ‘new and exciting’, without resorting to ‘retail therapy’. Also, remember that it is not the result that matters in this case; it’s the experience that you give to yourself.

#4 Give and you’ll receive

When you pay it forward and give what you have in abundence, it comes back to you in other ways. You can give anything that you’ve got to share like; time, money, friendship, help, your skills, knowledge... Giving is like an ink drop – it spreads. It influences others to give as well.

#5 Eat delicious relaxing wellness foods

Eating delicious wellness foods, rich in vitamins and minerals will work to de-stress, energize and detox your mind and body.

Try these:

  • Lemons
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Walnuts
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach

#6 Get out of your head

Are you in your head a lot? Most go-getters are, so don’t change you, just change your habits! Do things that release endorfines in your body, like a walk, run, yoga session or by going tot he gym, so you can release that crazy nervous energy.

Not only will it help you get out of your head, but the other benefits are that i twill help you:

  • focus
  • be more creative
  • perform better
  • sleep better
  • feel happier


#7 Count your blessings

Gratitude is one of the best ways to manage negative thoughts that don’t serve you. Take time out with a cup of tea to write in your jounal all of the things that you can think of that you are thankful for. Short on time? Make the list at night, while you’re falling asleep.

The benefits of a gratitude list are:

  • More positive mindset
  • Becoming more realistic
  • Being able to see opportunities better
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased feeling of overall satisfaction and well-being

So the goal is…

The goal is to be happier and more comfortable in your own skin. And lifestyle. When you feel well, you do well, so take these 7 tips and make them your own by making them habits and scheduling them into your life. You will be surprised at how quickly a little extra focus on yourself pays off.

Want to learn more about yourself?

Develop and grow in your goal-setting with our workshops

Start your own Project-Me and develop yourself and plans on how to get there on your personal goal-getting journey.  Learn how to use our VIGOR goal-getting and planning tool.

Discover your full potential!

Do a workshop

Read more…


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