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Minimalism: The New Lifestyle That Helps You Save

By featured writer: Angela Ward

There’s been a lot of talk about minimalism lately. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Mari Kondo is probably one of the most famous examples of a minimalist manifesto. When most people think of this book, they associate it with minimizing your possessions but minimalism is much more than that. Once you’ve embraced minimalism, it affects more than just how much you own.

Minimalism is a way of thinking and being that translates into a more mindful, intentional way of living.

Since incorporating minimalism into my own life, it’s changed the way I view not only my possessions but the way I see the spaces I live in, the way I see life and the way I spend money.

In a nutshell, it’s made me a more mindful consumer.

Everyone wants to save money for important goals like paying for an apartment or house, travelling to exciting places or planning a wedding.

A minimalist lifestyle helps you do just that.

Spending More On Experiences Rather Than Having More Stuff

I’m much more likely to spend money on experiences than at a shopping mall now. I’ll happily spend money on travelling, classes, movie tickets, dinner with friends…The main point here is that these experiences are much more valuable than the newest coat or a comfy new throw for your couch.

Saying that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending money on new possessions but as you incorporate minimalism into your life, you begin to discern between what you really want versus what’s unnecessary or unneeded. My rule of thumb is that you should be spending smart while getting some amount of joy from that new possession or experience, whether it be going to the movies or buying a new rug.

In the end, spending money on things that matter to you will be a more worthwhile investment of your time, money and energy.

Sustainable and Responsible Fashion

Many style bloggers are now going the way of minimalism. They too are seeing the effects of fast fashion, and are being more mindful about where and how often they buy new clothes. There are many different strategies you can use to be responsible and sustainable with your fashion.

The first is to see what you can restyle from last season or last year. If you love the vintage look, you can shop second-hand. Many cities have really great stores with awesome selections. Another thing you can do is buy from ethical and fair trade clothing retailers.

Finally, be very selective with what you buy: do you need it or do you just want it? How will this piece fit into your existing wardrobe and will you wear it more than once? Is it high-quality?

Less Clutter, More of The Things You Love

One of the great parts about living a minimalist lifestyle is that you end up buying less and appreciating the things you have. This is because you get better at decluttering and spending less. Do you really need an extra vase when you absolutely love that one from India? My tip is if you really want to buy something bad enough, put off the urge to buy it. If you’re still thinking about it after a few days or a week, then it’s probably a worthwhile purchase. You’ll be surrounded by things you love rather than things you bought on a whim.

Finding Your Key Values

You rediscover what activities you truly value when you become a minimalist. Minimalism isn’t just about having less clutter and fewer possessions but also about making room for the things you love. For instance, you may enjoy shopping online but is there a way you can cut back on that for those hikes you love to take in the woods? Or the morning runs you’ve put off to look at one more camel coat online? When you consume less, you leave room for other activities in your life.

Improved Time Management

With minimalism, you save money but also precious time. I hadn’t realized how much time I spent shopping to beat feelings of boredom and uncertainty -- until I took stock of how I was spending my time and why I was spending it that way. I now treat shopping as a special occasion or something that I do only when I truly need something. This has changed my mindset and has allowed me more time for the things I love doing.

Minimalism makes you step back and evaluate how you’re using your time, which is a valuable resource we can’t waste—especially when we’re chasing our dreams! Most importantly, you’ll save money for the things that matter.

What do you think of minimalism?

What has been your experience with it? Share in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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