VIGOR Plan - It's All About Goals!


 You need a plan so you can have it all and reach your goals!





3 Workshops - Discover the one for you

3 workshops met drie verschillende 'experiences'. Allemaal met liefst één doel - om jou te helpen je dromen te realiseren:


For driven career tigers. Roar! Discover this workshop...

Voor gedreven carrière tigers. Grrr! Ontdenk de workshop...

For people who want to retire wealthy and have a lot of fun in the meantime. Discover this workshop...

Je hebt plannen om rijk (of jong) met pensioen te gaan én te genieten van je geld in de tussentijd! Dit is dit de workshop voor jou. Ontdek meer...

For the entrepreneur-type who wants to start-up! She has a few of her own ideas! Discover this workshop..

Je hebt eigen ideeën en misschien zelfs plannen om voor jezelf te starten! Dan is dit de workshop om jou op pad te helpen. Ontdek de workshop...

Now let's get serious about your goals!

We are no longer in our twenties... A busy life compiled of social interaction, family, friends, me-time and lots of work keep you busy You need smart useful tools that fit you. How about a workshop to help you work smarter not harder? So you can enjoy more. And achieve your goals! 

If you can dream it, you can plan it and live it. Just like we do.

Why you are going to do this:

Here are some things covered in the VIGOR Plan Workshop Series:

  • How to get your goal happening
  • How to prepare for a career move
  • Inspiring role-models from a CEO, career-changer and an entrepreneurial perspective tell you how they use the plan to change their game.
  • Create your personal strategy
  • Meet like-minded women to join forces with!
  • Learn to use the VIGOR method to understand why you make certain choices and to guide you towards your goals

What you'll learn:

  • Which goal to pursue
  • Why this is important to you
  • How to do this
  • What your personal plan is
  • Who is going to help you
  • What is next for you

Talk English? Let's get started

Spreek je Engels? That's perfect. Want, om het international en open te houden worden de workshops gegeven in het Engels en wordt er ook Engels gesproken onderling. Dit om een open sfeer en diversiteit te behouden. Nederlandse hand-outs beschikbaar.

VIGOR Plan is designed especially for people with a busy rich life just like yours! It's time to do something about that goal of yours...






What are you waiting for?