Step-by-step towards your #lifegoals

Platform and event series for women over 30, who don’t have it all together. We’ll help you identify and work towards your #lifegoals.


  • "Once I opened the package (which was stylishly wrapped) I realized now I really have to do something about my fitgirl goals! Thank you."
    - Michelle S., The Hague
  • "I got the Dior lipstick as a gift! My lips are dry a lot, so the creamy colour is good for me! I try to do matte/all day stay ones, but not good when my lips are dry 😬 lol! So the Dior one is good, just put it on, light colour (and not a colour stay) means no mirror needed!"
    - Leigha P., Kuala Lumpur
  • "My necklace arrived! It's beautiful. Nice and long. Love the earrings as well. The wrapping is so nice, by the way! It's gift to myself."
    - Ingrid van W, Utrecht
  • "I got two perfumes from Rituals that were in the personal branding article, as a gift for my sister-in-law. She really likes them and I shared all the tips on how to mist the perfume for the "office etiquette. 😌"
    - Laura T., The Hague
  • "The reads are gold. Keep it up!"
    - David A., Toronto
  • "Love the practical tips & the articles. Thoughtful information on many daily aspects of work and life! For shopping, nice jewelry and other products, they always make me very greedy! :)"
    - Merel S., Leiden
  • "So many useful tips and tricks for creating the life you want to live. I like that there's even products, like stationary and clothes that will help you achieve it. The articles are thoughtful and have aesthetic pictures that make them fun to read!"
    - Jesse W., Ottawa
  • "The marble necklace is super cool. I really like the gold earrings. They go with everything, so I'm wearing them all the time. Loved the wrapping by the way."
    - Mel R., Gouda