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Why these should be your top 3 resolutions for 2019

We are all busy bees, we do not have time for endless resolutions for the new year, that's why. If you do want to make any, make sure it includes these top 3, that will change your life from day 1.

Find moments of happiness in everything you do.

That’s easier said than done, but try to be happy with the life you live. Search for happiness in the things you do and you’ll notice you will become more appreciative. When you wake up, think of one thing that will make you feel happy that day, and when you go to bed focus on what made you smile.

Find a new crew

Try to meet new people wherever you go. Try to go outside of your circle. Talk to someone on the train, at your coffee shop or befriend your coworker this year. By meeting new people, you introduce yourself to new views of the world. Sometimes views you never familiarized yourself with, simply because they are non-existent in your innercircle. Try to meet a new person today, ask them something, see how it goes.

Improve your Sleep Quality

Get more quality sleep. Create a new bedtime routine for yourself. Shut down anything with power 60 minutes before you actually want to sleep. Read a book, play a game, have a conversation. It doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't involve tv, scrolling through your phone or getting lost on social media. You will see how this will help you calm down and it will give you the best sleep ever. And we can all use that.

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