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The 6 Benefits of Re-Organizing Your Life

Summer is almost here and you are on a mission to clean, cleanse, de-clutter and purge. It is that time of year, of having friends over in your garden and bright long hour of daylight (including that special angle of light that shines brightly into the house and makes you realize how badly you need to dust). It's the time of year, just before summer holidays that makes everyone excited to refresh and re-organize, so that they can enjoy the long summer days that are coming up fast.

To jump right in, we love Marie Kondo and her pragmatic yet mindful ways of organizing and purging to live a simpler more elegant life and do more of the things you love.

We applied her techniques described on her website and in her books and are loving the new lifestyle perks. These are the top benefits of de-cluttering and re-organizing your life;

#1 Getting dressed is so much fun

Going through my messy over full closet was confronting. Now my closet feels much richer. It:

  • Is full of things that I love and can’t wait to wear and ONLY that. No clutter.
  • Gives me the confidence that I always "have something to wear";
    for work, a wedding, the beach. I've got it.
  • Has helped me achieve and own my own personal style

#2 Realizing what you value

I have realized what looks good on me and what I really like. I noticed that I kept buying the same things, over the past 15 years. It turns out that I only need a few key wardrobe builders that I can wear on any occasion, and then some complimentary “sparkle pieces” as I call them, that are really special and unique for certain occasions that I have about once or twice every year.

The things that I value and use are also now only a short list and the rest, I discovered was just collecting dust. My kitchen was full 12-piece cup and dish sets that I had but never used. Even though they were perfectly good, I never used them so I gave them away.

Now, instead of shopping vaguely and coming home with something I already have, I replace the items I value, when needed, and in terms of the “sparkle pieces”, now I really know what to hunt for.

#3 Being surrounded with things you really love

By de-cluttering, I now know what I really love and works for me. Because of this, I’m pickier, and don’t spend on things that are only “okay” or acceptable, as a band aid for what I really want.

Now my home and closet are filled with my favourites, key items, things I use all the time and things I really love. That’s it.

#4 Being mindful of your wealth by respecting the things you have

By re-organizing and decluttering, I’ve changed my perspective. I appreciate and respect the things that I have. I take good care of them so that they will last longer and I am careful with them. This practice in gratitude helps me realize the wealth that I have, which is very satisfying and adds to my piece of mind.

#5 Cleaning is easier and done fast

Yes of course, I tidy every day to keep a clean and organized home and wardrobe. Because everything flows into order, has a place, and I take the time to put things away instead of always being in a rush, I almost never have big cleanups. It’s just a tidy and clean as-you-go process. Much lighter work and done fast with little effort.

#6 Making decisions is quick and easy

After reviewing so many things in my life, and basically cleansing and simplifying it. It’s made decision-making very easy because I know what my view is on each aspect;

  • Which outfit to wear
  • What to cook for dinner
  • Which book to take on vacation
  • The project that I am going to next, and here is a big one;
  • Whether to say “yes” or “no” to the many invitations that I get to attend or participate in like dinners, guest-speaking, parties, reunions, or volunteer positions, to name a few.

So the goal is...

Organization is an amazing way to help you value what you have and reach your goals. Have you de-cluttered your lifestyle? Are the things that you have in your life now “Sparking Joy” and do you have the space now to do more of what you love? We are just as much inspired by you, as you are by Eve & Elle. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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