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5 quick ways to start decluttering today

If you are reaching for your goals you need to be organized and to be organized you need to declutter. Having a decluttered environment will give you less stress and you will be more productive and efficient. It is important to list what you want t do, prioritize and plan it. Sometimes I find it very difficult to not just rearrange my clutter, therefore it is best to start with the easy stuff. By often decluttering I have found 5 ways that work for me.


1# Focus on one area

Don’t go from here to there, but just focus on one area at the time. If you are moving stuff to another room, do not start decluttering that room if you are not finished with the first.

2# Commit for 15 minutes

Commit to each room for at least 15 minutes. This way you will not get overwhelmed. If you have the energy keep going, if not be happy you put in your 15 minutes and start again next time.

3# Spot by spot

Instead of focusing on an entire room, it might also be helpful to just focus on 1 spot or area. Like one shelf, a cupboard or the couch. (My couch is continuously overgrown by blankets pillows, magazines and other stuff).

4# Garbage, Recycle, Donate

Have 3 bags ready that you can fill with things that are no longer useful to you. Divide your stuff in things that can be thrown away, things that need to be recycled and things that can have another life by donating them. Thrift shops are always in need of fresh beautiful things that are no longer of use to you.

5# Sell your stuff

Today there are many ways to sell your old belongings, especially clothes and household items can be very useful to others. Do the responsible thing and make a little money at the same time. If you have designer clothes you can easily use one of these platforms to sell your old designer wear, and books are also great items to sell second hand.

So the goal is...

The goal is to de-clutter your life and thoughts, so that you have room to appreciate what you really love in life. When you de-clutter and organize, you can see it better and focus to go get it!

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