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Why you Need the Single Task Method Today

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I discovered the Single Task Method pretty late in the game. I was all for multitasking and telling people how much I was able to do at the same time. And it's true , multitasking does give you the ability to do a lot simultaneously, but is it efficient? Is it fast? Not really, plus you keep on stressing on all those things you have to do, and knowing how much time to spend on what task can also be quite difficult. So therefore I introduce you to the Single Task Method.

1. Do less and achieve more

By focusing on one task at the time, you will be doing less and achieving more. Instead of dividing your attention between different things, you can now focus on one task, which will give you less stress. This also includes using only one notebook instead of 3 different ones that you keep around the somewhere.

2. Discover your efficiency level

By working on only one task you can monitor your efficiency level more easily. Notice how long it will take you to get the job done, and see if there were things that you could have done differently, for your next task. By doing this for a single task you will truly understand how much time a task will take to complete. You can keep track on how much you spend on your tasks by writing this down for example on sticky notes

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3. From start to finish

The best feeling in the (working) world is accomplishing something. I am always happy when I’ve finished something and I can cross this off my to do list. The Single Task Method creates space to handle a project from start to finish without being interrupted by other tasks, that you feel you should be doing. Instead of doing a lot half&half, you now have the ability to focus on one job and finish is properly. Then go grab a drink take a deep breath, put on your favorite playlist and start your next task.


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4.Keep your screens clean

Single Task Method means focus, focus, focus. So no 10 screens open, while simultaneously trying to instagram on your phone and work through your email. This way, you create a confusing environment for yourself and you will get distracted over and over again. Keep your mind focused on the task at hand, and not on everything at once.

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So the goal is...

Stop doing everything at the same time, running around with a gazillion to-do lists but start working project, per project as much as possible. Start and finish one task, before moving on to the next. What are your goals? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as we are just as much inspired by you as you are by Eve & Elle.

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