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A Visualized Goal List: 3 keys to help you start one

Maybe by now you know that I love post-its and that's why this Visual Goal List is so appealing to me. It is visual, creative and you can order it in any way that you like. What I also like is that you can stick it to a wall, instead being in a notebook, a visual reminder throughout the day.

1.Think about your goals

This list is a form of a visual reminder of your goals. It will help you everyday by reminding you what you are working towards. You can use this List to work with a deadline for specific goals, or by having a specific goals and adding the smaller goals you need to achieve while working towards the bigger goal.

2. Lay It Out

Get a big sheet or flat lay a notebook in front of you. In the top create space for the deadline or your bigger goal. Below create spots for 6, 9 or 12 post its. I personally like to work with 9. Make your sheet and make sure it's visually appealing. You can use colors or symbols that have meaning to you. Most important is that you like looking at it, because it will be your daily reminder to work towards your goals.

3. Start writing your goals

Now note down your 9 goals that you would like to realize before the deadline. Or 9 goals you need to achieve while working on a bigger goal. Make sure your goals are very specific. For instance don’t say ‘by next year I want another job” say instead “orientate different job fields”, “X skills to develop”, etc.

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So the goal is...

To visualize where you are going. Look at it and realize that everything is reachable if you work towards it.

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