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What’s in my bag? 8 things you need for work and the office

Why are we always so interested with everyone's bag? US Weekly, VOGUE and even The Verge have dedicated a lot of web space combing through other people’s bag. I always find that a bag tells a personal story about the person using it. So what are the go-to’s to have in your bag n 2018? Especially your work bag.  So we’ve done the research for you and put together a list of what should be in your bag in 2018 for work and the office.




#1 Notebook

To write down all your plans, dreams, to-do’s and other stuff. It helps if you have a notebook that inspires you and gives you energy, for instance in a great color or because of the layout, inserts or anything that will make you happy.

Moleskine Pink Edition


#2 A Planner

Yes we all have a phone with planners inside, but to actually write things down is better for your memory, according to the Huffington post. So go and get yourself a planner and start filling it in.

Get Shit Done Planner

#3 A charger

And with charger we mean a powerful battery that will keep you up and running, even when your own battery seems low. Preferably one that handles multiple devices and with a minimum of 3 x charge. (Because you don’t want to be charging every single day).

imuto Portable Charger, Power Bank 27000mAh with 3-Port USB Output 


#4 Pen

Your favorite pen makes the world go round. Use it for everything and make sure you have two in case the one gets lost. Also throw in some colorful pens, to switch it up when taking notes. And if you have a very noteworthy pen, chances are small you will leave it somewhere, or that your coworker will ‘steal’ it.


#5 Lipbalm

No-color, fragrant neutral lip balm, because you can use it for your lips, nails, eyebrows, fly-away hairs and much much more. So essentially it’s half a make-up in one tiny balm.

 Lip Nourish

#6 Hydrating facial cream

Because at the office the air can get dry. If you buy a good cream, it will keep your skin glowy and happy, making you look a lot less tired than you actually feel.

Cell Active Rejuvenation Facial Moisturiser


#7 Flats

Because walking in heels all day is tiresome and even though you look like a million bucks, it’s okay to change your shoes when you go home. At least you’ll be able to run and make the last bus going home….if you hurry.


DUNE LONDON Honeysuckle ballerina

#8 E-reader

Yes an e-reader so you can turn off that wondering brain of yours and make it focus on one thing. Use your spare hours reading something fun, light or use it to educate yourself on something. The point is to not look at your phone, with a million distractions. Just read uninterrupted, like you did when you were a kid. Except now it’s on a tablet.

Kindle E-reader

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