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How to achieve your goals starting today

Achieve your goals, starting today! Become productive, now where to start and how to follow up. Don't procrastinate, start now. You have vision. Your head is filled with a ton of excellent ideas.   Living your dreams is a lifestyle. So if you're serious about your dreams, there is a way to make them happen. For real.
"Pop the Champagne. Celebrate your Wins. Practice Gratitude"

You have vision. Your head is filled with a ton of excellent ideas. You are super motivated by them, but you just don’t know where to start and life gets in the way of you achieving your dreams.

Dream it.

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  • Schedule brainstorming
  • You will remain distracted until you get your ideas outside of your head. Ideas always seem wildly awesome, when they are in a cerebral state. Like a far away dream, filled with promise. Set aside time to brainstorm. If ‘right now” isn’t the time, schedule it into your agenda and commit to the time, like an appointment with yourself. Now that that is done, get back to work or whatever you were doing.
    This will already help clear your mind, stop delaying and get back to your task at hand.

  • Ideas on paper
  • Once it’s time for your brainstorm meeting, Get your ideas down on paper. We suggest actually writing them down, or even sketching them out.
    Now that the ideas aren’t distracting you, you can get back to your task at hand. You can explore your ideas after you’ve made some progress on your current project.

    Note: The idea stage is the most beautiful and fun. “This is the stage that you build castles in the sky” These are extravagant ideas that will haven’t be thought out or carried out yet.

    Often you will find that some ideas are less fun, than they were, when you first though them up.

  • The real deal and value
  • In operational management (AKA the business of getting things done), one of the core concepts is; - don’t start with the solution, start with the root cause. The fundamental root cause is your real dream. It could surprise you. Here are the steps to find out what your dream is;

    1. Ask yourself what it is that you really want.
    2. Envision that
    3. On paper, as a quick sketch, a vision board, or a 5 page proposal to yourself. Whatever it is, describe it in detail.
    4. Let it ‘rest’ for 24 hours and review.
    5. Look through the dream and figure out what it is that you are motivated by. What you truly value. You may be surprised to discover that your dream may be totally attainable things, compared to what you thought initially, like, “spending time in beautiful surroundings with friends and family”.
    6. Write down clearly in a short concise list, what your dreams or goals are.

      PLAN IT.
    7. achieve goals girlboss productivity eve and elle brainstorm meeting

      Plan the steps toward your goals.

      Once you get those ideas down on paper, you can select one to start working with, and plan it out. Everything can be broken down into smaller parts and steps.

      Here is how:

      1. Start with the goal, and work backwards to plan it chronologically step by step. Ask yourself, what do I absolutely need to get that.
      2. Small wins: Break the dream into smaller steps or “small wins”, that you can be proud of achieving along the way.
      3. Sort them in the order you need to get them done.
      4. Check if you can delegate or delete and tasks
      5. Put them in a list to check off
      6. Start at the beginning of your list
      7. Make progress every day. Ask yourself, “what did I do to achieve my dream today.” Don’t get discouraged if there are days that the answer to that question is nothing. You can pick up where you left off tomorrow.

      Remember to check off each step, as progress is motivational and helps to keep up your efficiency.

      LIVE IT.

      achieve goals girlboss productivity eve and elle brainstorm meeting

      Gratitude and recognition of achievement is an important motivator for the most notable leaders and achievers. When you have achieved your goals, even in part it is important to celebrate. Celebrate the big goal, the small wins and the early wins – open the champagne for every milestone. Maybe you have already achieved some of your goals already. These are early wins. Consider which of your dreams you can enjoy or live every day, right now. For example, is one of your goals, being with your soul-mate? Then take time each morning, when you wake up next to the one you love, to be thankful for that dream that’s a reality, and proud of yourself for making it happen.

      So the goal is...

      Being mindful, authentic and dedicated can go a very long way. Which goals are you working on achieving? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We are just as much inspired by you, as you are by Eve & Elle.

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