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5 Things to do on Friday to start Monday fresh

As soon as you know your goals, schedule your new week around them. Think about how much time you need to attain each goal and schedule in this time in your calendar, so you already know when and on what you will spend your time.

Don't you just love Fridays? You can already feel the weekend by the time you get up and if you are anything like me, you try to work as efficiently as you can to start your weekend right. Then on Monday, you realize that you are stuck with a bunch of stuff from last week, making this new week feel a little... less new.

If however you like each Monday to be like a new beginning, a somewhat out with the old, in with the new mentality, then follow these tips to start each Monday with a clean slate.


1# New Week, New Goals

On Friday Morning, before opening any emails, pour yourself a cup or tea, or be like me and ask your barista to surprise you with a great new coffee variation. Take out your goal pad and think about the goals you want to achieve next week. This can vary from anything, like learning more about a specific subject in your work, creating meeting opportunities, finishing or starting certain projects, or just simply making sure you keep hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water or finally cleaning out that mailbox. By doing this, you will focus your mind to start working on these goals already and thinking about how to achieve them.


2# Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Now that you know your goals, schedule your new week around them. Think about how much time you need to attain each goal and schedule in this time in your calendar, so you already know when and on what you will spend your time. By doing this in advance instead of ad hoc, you are able to get a better overview of what will need more or less time, and you will know exactly where you have time left to plan in any new or ad hoc things that will come on your path.


3# Start a "This Week" To-Do-List and an "Ad-Hoc" To-Do-List

Take a fresh blank sheet of paper, or use post-its (that's what I do) and start a new "This Week's To-Do-List" based on your schedule. Now that you have planned your schedule, you can start creating "To-Do’s" for all the things you have already scheduled. This will make sure that you have your to-do’s prioritized based on your schedule. Making sure to work your way through the week that is aligned to your goals for the week. Next create an ad-hoc to-do-list on which you dribble down any other stuff that comes your way that doesn't align with your goals and schedule. The ad-hoc to-do’s you can fulfill in your scheduled ad-hoc time.


4# Meeting-time

Look at all the meetings that are planned for the next week and see if they are all necessary, or if you can also tackle the subject in a phone call instead. Contact all the people who have organized a meeting with you and reach out to see if all is clear, if an agenda is set and what other preparations are still needed before the meeting will take place. By reaching out on Friday, there is a good chance you will have all the answers before the end of the day, so you will know what to prioritize when you get in on Monday.


5 # Those emails

Last but not least take a good look at your emails. Especially those that you’ve been pushing around all week, because you didn't know how to answer, or you didn't want to answer them (trust me, we’ve all been there). Make sure to have answered all emails that you have received during the week, either with a proper answer or a reply that you will get back to that person over the next week. I know sometimes it's difficult to take actions on some of those emails, but at least by doing this before the end of the week, they will not be hanging above your head on Monday morning.


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