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4 ways to work smarter, not harder

One of the things I struggled with at the beginning of my career and each time I got promoted was time management. I would think I had everything organized and halfway through the day or a project, it always went south. That’s when I started to pay more attention and learn about time management and specific skills that you can learn to get better at it. Because a big part of reaching your goals is knowing how to manage your time efficiently. Don’t work harder, work smarter.

#1 Analyze How You Spend Your Time

Track your time and how you spend it, for about a week. Do you notice anything? Are spending too much time on the wrong things or too little on the right ones? Be able to analyze which time is spent on results in the biggest accomplishments. It is also a great way to discover at which times during the day you are most productive.

#2 A Clean Work Environment

Make sure you declutter and organize your work environment. Not only will it be easier to find stuff that has a dedicated place, but it also helps clear your mind. Studies have shown that starting and working at a clean desk can keep you motivated, if your environment is clutter free, your mind will follow.

#3 Eat The Frog

Eating the frog means to start the day with the biggest things you don't feel like doing. By getting it out of the way you are energized for the rest of the day, because you don’t feel you still have to do that one thing. Some people also call this the MIT, Most Important Task of the day.

#4 Time Management System

Find a time management system that works for you. Stephen Covey author of, 7 habits of highly effective people uses a system in which there are 4 categories: Urgent & Important, Urgent & Not Important,  Not Urgent & Important and Not Urgent & Not Important. By structuring your tasks in this way, you can immediately see where you should reserve the most time, which jobs are most important and what things don't need to be prioritized.

So the goal is...

To know how much time you have, how you spend it and how you can manage it better, by categorizing your tasks and knowing your goals.

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