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Top 3 Things to Improve Work Performance

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There are a lot of things you can do at work, but some just don’t fly. These are little habits that we are all accustomed to, but are very important to become aware of.

"By making small changes your visibility will increase and people will feel you are really involved with what is going on."

#1 Stop Always Being On Your Phoneeve and elle girl sitting at table on phone

Being on your phone all the time everywhere doesn't boost your colleagues confidence that you are able to handle a project. The time spend on your phone could much better be used exploring exciting projects within your company or creating connections with people who can help you develop yourself and your career. Plus you don’t want to be known as ‘that one girl who is always on her phone’.

#2 Not Really Listeningeve and elle girl with eyemask lets sleep in

Shaking yes and once in a while saying yes and aha, doesn't mean you are actually listening. Most importantly is actually hearing what someone is telling you. There is a difference in passive and active listening and you should know which one to use in different situations. Sometimes hearing the other person, and listening between the lines will give you the benefit of really understanding what is asked of you.

#3 Not Expressing Your Opinionseve and elle girl sitting on terrace

Keeping your opinions to yourself is a big mistake. Sure we don't need to know your opinion on that coworkers little red dress, but it is important to speak up in meetings and conversations. This way people feel you are passionate about the work you do, that you have thought about the topics and that you have formed an opinion. It will show leadership that you have a certain view and that you are willing to stand up for it.

So the goal is...

to improve your work performance, make sure you are available to others, they should feel you value what they are saying and are a well informed person who will also speak up when necessary. This will get you noticed in and around the office.


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