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Managers' Checklist: 3 ways to start a running to do list today


A Running To Do List, is basically a list that keeps going. You can use it for work, personal stuff, but if you are getting started with it, it’s best to start with all those non-urgent, no deadline things that you never seem to be able to tackle due to a lack of time. Schedule each week or weekend some time to tackle your running To Do List and you'll know for sure, these projects will also be done.

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1# Get a pretty notebook

Of Course you can also create the list on your phone or computer, but I still like the charm of a notebook. Plus I can go loose with my post-its so, Ill always be the notebook girl. Best is to get one with little dots, so you can create your own space.

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2# Collect and collate your tasks

The tasks on your running to do list, are mostly those that you keep migrating and end up on your to do list for weeks or even months. Be sure to keep them all in this one place, it will save you space on your other to do lists and be sure to calculate some time in your week to go through your running to do list.

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3# Prioritize and start

Prioritize your tasks by color, thickness or any other way you like, make sure to use your calculated time for those tasks. If you have time left, start with the other tasks. The problem is that this list will never end because you will be adding and adding always. So create a habit of working X hours per week on this list and then leave it alone. These are things without deadlines so don't stress over not finishing the list.

So the goal is…

The goal is to get all of your to do's in your life done. Even if your deadline is passed, you can still re-group and reach your goals. So go out and buy yourself a nice notebook to keep you motivated on starting your Running To Do List.



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