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How to build success: Interview with founders of Netwerk in de zorg

Motivational Women

Netwerk in de zorg is the recruitment & selection agency for staff in the Netherlands, in healthcare. To celebrate their one year anniversary, we decided to catch up with Netwerk in de zorg and ask them to share with us the secrets to their success.

Interview by Morgan de Koning and Olivia Heerenveen

Passion and Dreams

Manouk and Marit believe you need to follow your prepare for and follow your dreams and passions. Here is what they have to say about it;


"When we started our business, it was a dream come true! Especially because we continued to believe in it and turned all the bumps into opportunities. There are enough reasons not to do it. But if you really want it, you just have to take the chance!"

Career Advice

 Eve & Elle have made a shortlist of career advice from our interview with Netwerk in de Zorg:

  1. Prepare
  2. Find a great match
  3. Get answers
  4. Go on an adventure
  5. Trust your plans and hard work
  6. Set financial and non-financial goals
  7. Celebrate your wins

Here is what they have to say...


#1: Prepare

Q: How did you prepare for this career move?

Luck + Preparation = Opportunity. We wondered what steps these entrepreneurs took, before they started their own business.

A: We talked together a lot. Our Advice is to get aligned with your business partner.

We talked almost daily about our plans and wishes for our company. We also wrote a paper, a kind of "Hand Book" guideline with all our ideas and what we want, including:

  • Our dreams
  • The work week we want: structure, days, working-hours, etc.
  • Plans for the future
  • The kind of life we want including business life

When you put all your dreams on paper you make it clear for yourself and there are no surprises for your business

#2: Find a great match

Q: How do you find a good business partner?

Building something together is easier than alone, but it is a balancing act. We wanted to know how Manouk and Marit think about a good business partner.

A: Find someone you work well with and trust, then put it to the test.

"Choose a business partner you trust and try to work together for a period of time before you start a company together. It is very important that you have the same working mentality. Also choose someone that you can have fun with!"


 #3: Get Answers

Q: What questions should you have answered for yourself, before you start a business?

"When you start a business, there are some things you need to have figured out before jumping in. We asked the business partners about those questions that you need to have answered. And about the conversations you need to have with important people like your business partner and at home."

A: Talk about your goals and the lifestyle you want

"You need to have figured out how you want to run your business. But it's not just that, it's also what kind of goals you want to achieve in private: do you want to work 40+ hours a week? Or do you want to take more holidays if possible. First you think about yourself, talk it over with your (life partner - boyfriend / husband, wife / girlfriend), then with your business partner.

Also, talk to other entrepreneurs and go to seminars like information evenings at the Chamber of Commerce. Provide role models around you with clear expectations, so they know how you want to work and how you do not want to work."


#4: Go on an adventure

Q: What was the biggest reason for you to become an entrepreneur?

We wondered how these two already successful women, came to the adventurous idea of starting for themselves.

A: We both like adventure and working outside of our comfort zone.

"We also thought that our business idea was great and would work out well! Especially in this time of our lives with young kids the flexibility of running your own business appealed to us. It would be a dream coming true.

And it has been that. It is such a beautiful adventure. What you learn so much from day to day. The sky is the limit!"

#5: Trust your plan and hard work will pay off

Q: What do you wish you knew earlier about setting up a business?

Wherever possible we love hearing about life hacks. We were curious to know if Manouk and Marit had some wise advice to those starting out. And they do!

A: We would tell entrepreneurs starting that if you have a good plan and work hard, it will pay off.

"In the beginning, everything is so scary and take so much energy. All the worries take energy too like; would we get a client? Would the client pay our invoice? Could we pay the rent of our offices? Could we make it through the year?

Wow we were so stressed out and nervous in the beginning about all of these aspects. After a few months we got much more relaxed.

We would advise entrepreneurs starting out: don't waste your time stressing too much. When you have a good plan and you work hard for it; it will work out!"


#6 Set financial and non-financial goals

Q: What are the financial tools do you attribute to maintain your success?

A: We keep a very structured financial overview and always know where we are in terms of finance. 

'We are so lucky to have Manouk's father help us with the finance, so we always know where we are with our costs and revenues. Our accounting is very structured and that gives us peace of mind, so we can focus on the business. We are also very aligned with our goals."

Q: What are your business goals?

In life, everything start with a goal. We wondered about what goals drive this successful pair. Sometimes it's big things, but little things really count as well!

A: Every year, we set a coal and targets and are fortunate to say that we have reached our goals! These goals are not only money based.

"For example, we also set the goal to be socially involved with society. We managed to build our own foundation. 'Nice to meet you', helping people find jobs by training and coaching them as well as organizing meet and greet events. We love to do this! We are also very satisfied when we manage to have a good work / life balance. That makes us happy and fulfilled as well."

#7: Celebrate your wins

Q: What are you the most proud of so far?

At Eve & Elle, we think it is important to celebrate your wins. We wanted to know what this successful team celebrates most this year.

A: That we get up every day with a feeling of: YES we are going for it again today.

"No need to drive our cars in rush hour traffic in the mornings, or play political games within a company. Everything we do affects our own company, and we aim to have that affect be in a positive way.

Next to that, we managed to reach all of our business goals. We are also doing great things like; going to a conference in New York just last week, we gave a pitch to the mayor of Rotterdam this past Friday for our foundation 'Nice to meet you'. and we meet so many inspirational people along the way."

Eve & Elle Role Models

Marit and Manouk are role model entrepreneurs, but they are also two every women who have a strong friendship and great work ethic, who set out together to build a business themselves.

They are both very approachable and love to share with others. That's part of what drives them. They know how to work hard, but also how to celebrate their wins, too! Which is all part of what made them so fascinating and fun to interview.

Do you have a question for Manouk and Marit? Let us know in the comments section below, or send us an email to info@eveandelle.com.

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