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Boost your career by doing this

Every career needs a boost now and again. Do you feel you are stuck in a rut or are you simply looking to shake things up? By doing these 3 things you can be sure to give your career the boost it needs. And the best part is, they have nothing to do with your career.

#1 Read books about different industries

It might seem counter intuitive, but read books about different industries that are innovative. By reading how others are doing, developing and flourishing, it might trigger you to look at some issues in your career or company with a different eye. Always be open to change your views, that’s where the best ideas come from.

#2 Socialize outside your circle

In your own circle you know everyone left, right and center. So open the gate and branch outside. Go to events that spark your interest alone and see what the day brings. Usually you will meet like-minded people and discover new things. You will be introduced to new skills, world-views and minds. Be open for discussion, learning and reinventing yourself. By pushing yourself a bit out of your comfort-zone, you’ll see it will bring you so much more than you ever anticipated.

#3 Visit your friends at work

It is always good to peek inside other companies, the dynamics, the workforce, the company culture every company is different. Has different strengths and weaknesses and it is good to realize in what kind of company you (want to) work. So ask your friends if it is okay to join them for one day. Most people love the idea. It doesn't need to be a full day, you could also go for lunch and stay for two hours after that, but the point is. Going to other companies, might open your eyes for issues going on in your own company. So dare to ask your friends. What is it exactly you do again? Can i join for one day? Have fun and explore!

All these experiences will give you a boost of renewed energy that you can use in your career. It will give you new views, inspire you and even give you some great ideas for new projects to tackle.

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