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5 things your boss wants you to know

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"As a boss I love to see the people I work with inspired by what drives them to work hard, efficiently and productive. Working is part of developing yourself and doing that inside the safe environment of a job, is a good way to cover your bases."

In my career I’ve been the employee, the manager, the intern, the freelancer and the boss. I’ve been through most of it and am still surprised to see how many people get insecure when meeting or speaking to their boss or manager. But the honest truth is, if you are doing a good job and you know what you are working on and how you are organizing everything, believe me, their is no reason to be insecure at all. If anything its a reason to be confident about yourself, your career and your job. Therefore I have decided to give some feedback on situations that I have been in, just for you to understand, what it is that your boss wants you to know.


Who, What, Where, When and How. If your manager needs to ask any of these questions after you have shared your work, it is time to consider how you deliver the message. By asking yourself all these question you will understand what information your boss is looking for. It also goes the other way around. If your boss asks you something and you do not fully understand what you are supposed to do ask your WWWWH so you will get all the details, without saying out loud that you don’t understand.

2# Time To Set Goals

Make sure to take time to set some (work)goals for yourself. As a boss I love to see the people I work with inspired by what drives them to work hard, efficiently and productive. It is especially rewarding to see that people also seize opportunities because they know their goals, and what they need to learn in order to achieve them. Working is part of developing yourself and doing that inside the safe environment of a job, is a good way to cover your bases.

3# Work Efficiently and Be Productive

Work hard and efficient, don’t stay late because everyone does it and don't slack because everyone does it. Work efficiently and productive and your hard work will pay off. If you feel there is too much work than hours in the day, discuss this openly with your manager. If you can showcase your efficiency and productiveness, no one will question if you are doing a bad job or that indeed there is just too much work.

4#  Check That Attitude

Whether you are the intern, the manager, the junior or the boss, be sure to leave your attitude at the door. When you work in a company, you should work together not against one another. Handle your problems professionally, don’t gossip (save that for Sunday brunches with your friends), hand a helping hand when needed and be sure to control your mood. Whether you want to or not I’ve seen moods spreading like a disease across a department for no apparent reason. You do not want to be on the receiving end of this mood-spreading situation. If however there is a mood for a specific reason, be sure to take it up with your manager, HR or someone who is able to take control of the situation, because you and others should not be working in a contagious environment.

5# Disagree When You Know You Are Right

In a healthy work environment you should be able to talk freely and be able to disagree with your boss. But be sure your argument makes sense and does not need any WWWWH questioning. Disagreeing is never about convincing other people, it is relaying that you have seen the facts and the way you have put them together you have a different version then what has been presented to you. Always be professional, leave your feelings out of it. Say what you have to say, if your word is considered be sure to be able to back it up, if its not considered, don't be bummed out. Your boss heard you speak up, which is the most important thing. It shows that you have thought about the topic, formed an opinion and wanted to voice it. That is never a bad thing.

So the goal is..

to work productively and efficiently, to understand the WWWWH basics and to be in check with your attitude, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and make sure to follow your goals wherever they take you.

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