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4 signs you are financially stable


I am always looking forward to being financially stable one day. To me that doesn't mean not having to work anymore, but for me it will give me the power to de-stress a bit, because I’ll be confident that I can pay all of my bills, invest in myself and have my capital grow at the same time. It also means that I can sometimes splurge on expensive cheese and wine and enjoy it, without feeling guilty that I should've used that money for something else.

Here is how I'm achieving my financial goals.

1# You are proud to have an emergency fund

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You are happy you managed to save up an emergency fund and don’t feel a panic when something breaks down. Like your dishwasher or beautiful new car. I must admit I still feel proud every time I open my account and see my emergency fund as a back-up in case anything unforeseen pops up.

2# You forget paydayWoman's legs stretching out in tropical clear blue water with red painted toenails

Instead of living from payday to payday, you know that you are well organized in your finances when you start to forget when payday actually is, and that’s completely okay! The most important reason for this is that you are never in the red after all your monthly finances. Also, you don’t celebrate payday by throwing your planning out the window for the day, saying things like; ‘Now I can finally buy this or that”, because you have already calculated how to save for that, and you will get that item sooner or later anyway.

3# You want to help others get financially stable

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You know that you are in a great place yourself, when you are giving your (unsolicited) advice on how others can better their own financial situation.

This is very considerate for you to want those around you to share in your wealth strategy. Just be careful while doing this. Finances are very personal. What works for you might not work for someone else; even if this is your roommate, sister or partner.

Everyone needs to find their own balance and take their own learnings before arriving at a financially stable situation.

So the goal is...

The goal is to achieve financial stability and enjoy the fact that you have achieved some really important goals in this area. So do you recognize yourself in this picture? We would love to know how you became financially stable, what roadblocks you had to overcome and how you feel about that. Please share your experiences in under comments below.

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