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Your Guide to budget eco-chic: 5 green solutions in the city


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We have all seen the images of plastics washing up on beach shores and winding up against a chain fence or by the side of the road, or a beer six-pack ring around a turtle's little neck. 

It is easy to see how these plastics can be a detriment to ocean life, animals and people, but avoiding them and switching to eco friendly items is seen as expensive and hard to apply to your every day life.

The exciting news is that it is way easier and cheaper than it's made out to be. You can make the switch to greener products today. We will walk you through how;

Where does it go?

What makes one keen to be green? Do you know where one-time use plastics reside once they have been disposed of?

There are islands the size of Texas made mostly of single-use plastics, scattered throughout the world’s oceans, swirling around, gaining mass, choking and puncturing marine life and if you have ever eaten fish products, sushi anyone?, then you can be sure that you have consumed plastic debris that wind up in marine life including in the food we consume that is sourced from the oceans. This leads not only to deteriorated ecological health but also to human health issues because a big part of this plastic in the habitat of and consumed by ocean life is old plastic and contains BPA and DEHP.

#1 Sustainable living in the city: How to avoid single-use plastic

We have all been there experienced every day life in the city; long days at the office in combination with time constraints that can lead us to make cursory decisions when it comes to choosing ready-made products preserved in one-time use plastics.

Some of the biggest disposable plastic culprits are ones we are all quite familiar with, and you can start cutting out those plastics now;

  • cutlery
  • cups
  • straws
  • grocery bags
  • braces for six-packs of beer / soda
  • chip bags
  • wrapping around meat and vegetable

If you are very bold for the cause, you can ask your local grocery store or coffee shop cafe to start considering reduction of their use in disposable single-use plastic packaging.

Sometimes you just don't seem to be able to get around plastic. This can make it difficult despite some of our best intentions to be a green warrior, staying true to living green. So what can you do? Read on.

#2 Items for green lifestyle: Here is what to look for

You can be part of a global movement to go plastic-free. There are now tons of options for making a single-use plastic free life easy and accessible to you. So leave those plastic items behind in favor of ones that can benefit the environment. Start looking for things in your daily routine you can change. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Opting for items in the bulk section of the produce
    is already a great start in reducing plastics. More importantly, make sure you keep to items that give you a jolt of joy when you use them. Let that be your compass leading the way when selecting items.
  2. Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself, what one-time use plastic items do I use often
    inadvertently find yourself carrying around, and from there, create a checklist of the items you will need in order to comfortably replace them.
  3. Look for items items made from silicon and bamboo;
    they tend to have a much longer lifespan and provide flexibility in their storage and, because of their durability, make them more impervious to wear and tear. Maybe a silicon sippy cup or bamboo straw could be a great addition to keep in your bag to ensure that you always hold near the weapons to take to battle the immoral landscape of omnipresent one-time use plastics.

#3 Unleash your green appetite: Schedule your green shopping

Maybe you have been meaning to get to the bulk food store or that store that is well-stocked with green products but you never seem to have the time. With your checklist of desired green items in hand, you will need to pencil in your date with green shopping and you can even take your bestie or lovely with you. 

#4 Organize your lifestyle for sustainable choices: Make great daily routines that are eco friendly

With some preparation and dedication to purchasing items that are reusable and that contribute positively back to the ecosystem, we can re situate ourselves as green warriors and make a great impact on our lives.

#5 Be mindful and present in the moment: Living green each day

Our daily lives will continue to be busy and full, maybe even bombard us with decisions on what items to choose in order to maintain our agreement with ourselves and nature to stay green.

That challenges us to commit each day to living green. All the little things add up too! Here are some things you can carry in your bag to stay green all day long:

  • reusable shopping bags
  • water bottles
  • coffee/tea mugs
  • cutlery
  • lunch boxes

#6 Commit to your choice today: A little sustainability each day makes a sustainable future

Commit to yourself, and to your plan to your new sustainable lifestyle.

Bring consciousness into your daily living and make informed aware decisions to use one product over another and find healthy alternatives.

What do you think?

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