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    How to Get Wealthy in 8 Steps

    There is a difference between “getting rich” and owning wealth. To distinguish wealth, let’s make a few things clear; You can be making a lot of money, but your spending patterns could be taking away from that vast amount of capital “You can get rich quick”, but you can’t “get wealthy quick. View Post
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    4 signs you are financially stable

    Financial stability gives you the power to de-stress, be confident and invest in yourself while having capital to grow. Here's how you know that you're achieving your financial goals. View Post
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    5 ways of financially putting yourself first

    It's important to stay up to date on your finances, and it is vital to know your net worth. To help you even further here is a list of ways to put yourself first when it comes to finances. It will help you realize you can get more out of your paycheck by putting yourself first. View Post

We are Olivia & Morgan

So both in our 30's, with exciting careers including fast track to CEO positions, we met at RSM Business School during our MBA in The Netherlands. 

Always afraid to drop the ball, we quickly figured out life after 30 is not about having everything together, but more about developing yourself, knowing who you and what your goals are and ESPECIALLY  knowing how to get there.

Because we can all dream, but turning that into action and reality is a huge challenge.

So we created this platform to develop and achieve your goals step-by-step.

We truly believe that if you can dream it, you can make it happen. Anything you want, you can achieve.  

This is the philosophy of Eve & Elle and the core concept behind every article we write and product that we develop.

Everything we do is about helping you make it happen.