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3 Traits rich people have in common

Wouldn't we all like to have some more cash. In the early years of my career I remember thinking; if I only had more money I would...Flash forward to years later where I had a pretty decent income and I would still be saying the same thing.

More money doesn’t buy you happiness, nor a bigger network, nor inner peace. Rich people know this and often work on wealth in all areas of their life. Everyone has their own specific way of how they got their but there are certain things the all have in common and do like;

1# They Exercise Regularly

Aside from exercise being great for you body, it also does wonders for your mind. It is a time where you can clear your mind, getting re energized and be able to focus more on the days to come. By doing exercise you are being very mindful, right then and there at that moment. Not worrying about anything else, no stress, just the perseverance to get through the exercise. You can even start with just running around the block each morning. Exercise will only cost you as much as you are willing to pay for it, because with the outside world, youtube and various apps you can likely get a workout for free.

2 # They Keep in Touch With People

With work goals and life goals you are pretty busy. However it is important that you schedule time to keep in touch with people, and I don't mean over Facebook.

Send them handwritten cards, send them funny gifts that remind you of them or a great book that you feel they should read. By keeping touch with people your network expands together with the experiences and discussions you have with people over time. You will also learn how to have more in depth conversations since by keeping in touch you create deeper connections.

3 # They Read, Read, Read


All those masterminds seem to do it. From Bill Gates to Bernard Arnault and from Oprah to Sheryl Sandberg, they all read a lot of books. Books are a great way of receiving new information, changing your outlook on certain topics or just a stress free moment to dream off. By reading you get access to different minds, different worlds and your own imaginary. It will help you develop certain skills and knowledge that can help you in your goals in life. You can create small goals for yourself such as reading 1 book a month, or maybe reading 10 minutes each evening. Whatever suits you, the most important thing is that you do it.

So the goal is...

The goal is to develop your wealth and the habits around that, to experience wealth in all areas of life.

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