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How to invest in the Birkin Bag and get a return that’s higher than Gold.

You may not expect it but Drake might be onto something. The rapper revealed in an interview that he has started collecting Hermes Birkin Bags for the One he might end up with, somewhere in the future. And as it turns out the Birkin Bag is a great investment. Even outperforming gold and the S&P500. Keep in mind that the price of the Birkin Bag is roughly between $60.000 and $200.000. You might wonder why the Birkin Bag is so expensive, but it’s well worth the money you pay for it. In 2016 Newsweek reported that according to a study by Baghunter, the Birkin bag has never decreased in value, against a volatile market. The Birkin bag outperforms gold and the S&P500 with an annual rate of 14.2%. Next to a 500% increase in 35 years, since the bag came onto the market, it is said to double this value in the next 10 years.


A world record was actually set when in 2017 someone paid over $377.000 for the matte white Himalaya Niloticus Birkin 30 handbag at an auction.

So where do you start?

#1. The 50/20/30 rule

With many investment pieces whether its property, clothing or something else. First make sure you have money to invest. Read more on the 50/20/30 rule, to see how you can manage saving enough money to start some serious investing.

#2. What is the return on a black Birkin Bag

Look at the return of an item. Is it outperforming other ‘save’ goods or stock markets or is it a very volatile market? Investing is always a risk, but the return is much higher than your current savings account. In 2016, at 35 years the return on a black Birkin Bag is 14.2%

#3. Look for the item

Do your research well! Really look around for something if you want to invest in it. Research the pros and cons and again make sure that you have money set aside for this. Never invest with money that you need to pay the bills. Trust me your Birkin Bag will do no good when your electricity bill is shut off. You essentially can not live inside the Birkin Bag, even though it is huuuge.

#4. Fake or Real Birkin Bag

Make sure you buy an original real Birkin bag and not a fake (buy money). And also make sure to contact re-sellers, so you know the worth of your bag if you were to resell it.

#5 Why is the Hermes Birkin Bag so expensive?

As always with luxury goods, it all has to do with scarcity and craftsmanship. Says.com reports that it takes years to even get accepted to the waiting list and then years to get a bag. The bags are created by people who have to train a full five years (that’s longer than the average college education!!) before they are allowed to create a bag. Then the bag is created from scratch to finish by one single person and world wide there are only around 200.000 bags in total.


So are you ready to start investing? Check out Baghunter for some great collect-able Birkin Bags. O, yes one tip. If you bought the bag as an investment it is wise not to start using it as your everyday bag. Not sure if the value goes up or down after your coffee-to-go spilled all over it.

Not quite ready for such an investment piece? Here are some great bags that won't break the bank.





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