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3 New Checklist Hacks for Writing your List and Getting things Done!

We all have checklists. Morning checklists, checklists for business, checklists for travel, checklists for an upcoming wedding, for going to the gym, and self care.

The hard part of checklists can be to actually use them and get those things on the list checked off and done.

To get your list from checklist with open items, to done items we share our new checklist life hacks to get your list done!

#1 The Running Checklist

Do you have lots of little lists of things to do, and often tend to accidentally lose or misplace your checklist? In our article, The Running Checklist, we deep dive into our number one life hack on checklists - have one checklist that you keep adding to and crossing old things off.

#2 Off and Online

Take the time to make your one running checklist, both offline and online. This is not redundant because the act of transcribing it, helps you remember the items better. It's handy to have the digital version with you everywhere you go as well as a back-up, and the offline version is important because studies show that most millennials (including elder millennials) retain and absorb information better when it is handwritten. 

Plus you get the satisfaction of checking items off your list - twice. :)

#3 Make the time to 'check' and review the list

In his book, Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande explores the importance of the checklist and actually getting each item checked off, by interviewing airline pilots. When lives are at stake, the checklist is a matter of life!

The hack that you can learn from this is that pilots explain, you need to clearly define a specific pause moment that you are going to use the checklist.

There are 2 ways to do this:

  • The DO-CONFIRM Checklist
    With the DO-CONFIRM Checklist, you do the task, then you review it after to make sure it was done correctly by running it through your memory and you confirm by ticking the box and checking it off your list.

  • The READ-DO Checklist
    With the READ-DO Checklist, you read the task on the list, then you do it right away, and then check it off as soon as you did it. It's sort of like reading a recipe and following the steps.

Decide which type of checklist method suits you, and make sure to set aside the time for the important task of actually reviewing and checking off the list.

#4 Bonus Tip: How to use and 'do'. Checklists for planning your goals

For the more advanced checklists users, we have a bonus tip. One great way to use checklists is to plan and prepare. The hack that will having you confident for your important business meeting this week or know you've planned the perfect day for a friend's wedding, is to use checklists when planning.

Think of the end goal you have in mind. Now work backwards to create a list of exactly what will define a successful achievement of that goal. Plan your steps and here is the key part: plan the time that you will DO this step and CHECK this step has been done.

For example, if you make a week planning for your work days, create a list of each meeting and each key to do item you need to do in advance, to make that meeting a success. Include the time set aside to DO the task and to CHECK the task. Remember to plan in enough time to do any forgotten tasks. For example, on Saturday afternoon, you take the time to review your checklist for the week. That way, if you forgot anything, like to write a report summary or get a card for the colleague you're meeting for her birthday lunch, so that you have enough time to get that item checked off your list that you forgot.

So the goal is...

The goal is to create checklists that are effective at helping you get organized and feel confident because you are so well prepared in your planning and execution. 

Which tip worked for you the best? We'd love to hear from you.



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