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Personal Finance in your 30’s: How do you figure out your net worth? (with worksheet)

In your 30’s it’s time to take your personal finance to the next level. You need to start working on your Net Worth. Knowing your Net Worth will make it easier to know in which areas you are good and which financial areas need improvement. So how do you figure out your Net Worth? What is one’s Net Worth and how is it calculated? We will go through all these questions and even provide you with a free worksheet that you can use to calculate your own Net Worth.

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What does Net Worth mean and why do I need to know my Net Worth?

For now we are looking at your personal Net Worth, meaning basically what you’re worth in money. It is the number that you have to spend if necessary. But be aware that some of that cash is hold up in property or other investments, so it doesn’t mean that you can wake up one day and decide to spend it all.

Your Net Worth would ideally increase on a yearly basis and should never decrease. In the worst case, your liabilities (debt) will surpass your assets and you will need to file for personal bankruptcy. Below we will provide a breakdown on the many ways you can increase your Net Worth.

In order to stay financially healthy it is important to stay on top of your Net Worth, revisit and calculate it at least once every 6 months and try to increase this number as much as possible. Maybe one day you might even become a HNWI (High Net Worth Individual) this means you alone or together with your spouse will have a Net Worth of $1 million or higher.

How do I calculate my Net Worth?

It is a simple calculation of your assets minus your liabilities. Assets are the things that you own (debt-free) and your cash. Your liabilities are all your debts, including something like a mortgage or car loan.

For example

Tina is 35 and lives in Amsterdam and has a house with a market value of $450.000. She has a car worth $5.000, savings $10.000 and other assets worth $5.000. Her liabilities are the mortgage on the house of $400.000, a student loan of $2.500 and no credit card debts. Her Net Worth is: $67.500


House (market value)






Other assets





Student loan


Credit Card


Total  Assets


Total Liabilities


Tina’s Net Worth


What should my Net Worth be?

According to CNN Money, the average Net Worth per age is as follows: $9000 age 25-34, $52000 age 35-44 and $100.000 age 45-54. Since Tina’s Net Worth is $67.500 she is doing well for herself.

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