Whats Next Sessions

November 17

10.30 AM

Rotterdam, NL

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What's Next Sessions

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What’s Next events have everything to prepare you for your next step.

Tools, resources, inspiring speakers and like-minded women, discover and take back control of your goals, life and career.

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We are no longer in our twenties, we have a busy life compiled with social interactions, family, me-time and lot’s and lot’s of work. So let’s start looking at What’s Next.

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Learn essential leadership skills, know how to prepare for a career move and start to get your personal finances in order. Stop looking at others, wondering why they seem to have it all together.

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Trust us...they probably don’t. Start looking at you and women who are just like you. Looking for new challenges, eager to learn and progress in your career. Whether it is climbing that corporate ladder or venturing out on your own. Both can be pretty daunting.

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We’ve got your back. We will prepare you for What’s Next.

In this What’s Next Session:
  • Develop your leadership Skills
  • How to get your personal finance in order
  • How to prepare for a career move
  • Inspiring panel discussing on all this and more from a CEO, career-changer and an entrepreneurial perspective.
  • Meet like-minded women to join forces with
  • Learn to use the VIGOR method to understand why you make certain choices and to guide you towards your goals.


 During our What’s Next Session we’ve gathered some great inspirational speakers who will share their successes and failures in their daily life, their careers and the choices that they made.